Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How To Write a Winning "About" Page


Part Artist Statement, part Artist Bio your "About" about page is an important part of your website or blog that lets people know who you are as an artist.

To be clear, here are some defining terms:

Artist Statement - Informs about your art and the current direction your art is taking.  It's not about you as a person or your history or references.  It's a dynamic, ever evolving couple of sentences that sum up your work in the here and now. Stay tuned to a more detailed post in the near future on how to write a winning artist statement.

Artist Bio - This is your art resume written in paragraph form.  This contains your schooling, influences, your history, exhibitions, bodies of work, accolades, awards, commissions Etc.  Stay tuned to a more detailed post in the near future on how to write a winning artist Bio.

About Page -  Part Artist Statement, part Artist Bio, this is a page you create for your web site or blog that introduces you as an artist to your online audience.

To begin creating your "About" page let's start with your goal for having an about page and that goal is:

To compel your reader to view your art! 

About your About Page:

* Short and Sweet
* Introduces you, find a key part of your personality to let shine through but don't go on ad nauseum about yourself. 
*Use a photo of yourself, preferably with your art 
*Compel your reader to view your art! 

So how do you create an “About” page that compels people to look at you art? 
You can start by teaching them how to look at your art, how to appreciate what goes into your art, remember that often your viewing public are not art or visually educated and need to be taught how to look at your art (be careful not to accidentally sound superior or condescending.)  You can draw your audience into looking at your art more deeply with just a few phrases that help them have a deeper appreciation or  a curiosity about what you have created.

For example from my "About" page 

If you take a close look through my portfolio of hand torn paper pet portraits you will see why I am known for hand torn paper eyes that are so realistic they capture the souls of the animals I create.   My Clients  are often amazed by the incredible texture that the handmade papers impart to their portraits giving the appearance and texture of fur and feathers.

Ways to compel readers to view your art:
  • ·         Educate them on your process
  • ·         Spark their curiosity with a description
  • ·         Tell them about unusual tools you use to create certain effects in your art
  • ·         Talk about your dynamic use of color

 View my entire "About" Page Here.

Before you begin your "About" page take the time to research the "About" pages of your favorite artist for inspiration! When you are finished stop by "The Smartest Artist Colloborative Group" on Facebook and share your "About" page and also a link to the about page of another artist that you loved!

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