Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Smart Keyword and Hashtag Tools

Two Part Tutorial -  Smart Keywords and Hashtags

What is a keyword and why is it important to you? 
The phrase  "Google It" has become common place in most of our worlds these days.  If like me you have a teenager who asks endless questions that are completely out of the scope of your everyday world then you have gotten used to saying to them "Why don't you just Google it."   We Google or use other search engines to find information on a regular basis these days and online shoppers use Google or other search engines to find what they are looking for.  What you are hoping is that when they "Google It" they will find you!   
 A keyword is the word or phrase that someone using a search engines types in to find you.  Search engines scan your website daily for new content. They then index that content so that others, who are looking for the content you have to offer can easily be found when a search is underway.  SEO Search Engine Optimization is the process of producing content on your page to tell the search engines who you are and what you sell and how to index that..
So the bigger question is how do you determine the "right" keywords to use.  Just because you might search for Angel Shaped Cookies doesn't mean your friend might not search for Angelic Biscuits for tea.   Fortunately, you don't have to do a ton of research or poll all of your friends to find out the most often use search phrases because it has already been done for you and is available as a free tool...Yay you say?  Yeah me too!  Check out these

Soovie  This is my favorite Keyword search tool because the layout is fantastic and includes the top searches for your root word specifically for Google, Bing, Amazon, You Tube, Ebay, 
Do you really need to care about Keywords?  Yes you do, because research shows that 70% of the time people click on the result that is displayed FIRST by the search engine In order to become that first result, the search engines has to recognize your site is a match for the keyword  search phrase that was entered.   So it behooves you to know what the most likely words are that people are using to search for product like yours. 
Don't know where to even begin finding keywords that are applicable to your products? Well start by asking yourself these questions 

What is it I sell?

 Eg. Ceramic bowl, pizza, Angel Shaped Cookies, Good Luck charms etc. 

Now be more specific, describe your product to yourself like you were describing it to a blind person.

Eg. Square Enamel earrings,Crocheted Baby Dolls,  Cocktail Napkins, Spicy Hot Pickles. etc.
Ask yourself what your product is made of?
Add the major material  items to your tags, if you think a buyer might search for  your product by it's material.   Eg.  Cement, Oak, leather, bamboo,,  felt, metal, recycled cans, gold, silver, glass Etc.
How was it made, what process?  
Eg. Etched, Painted, braided, hammered, spun, knitted, crocheted, enameled, encaustic, collaged, etc.

Who is going to want your product or use it?
Eg. women, men, baby girl, children, girl, adult, pets, dog, teachers
What is the dominant color of your product?
Many people will search by color.   Eg.  Green Sweaters, red roses, blue vases, black and white, neutrals, etc.
What is it's size? 
Eg. Small, Medium, Large, plus size,Xl XXL, Short, long, Measurements, how tall, how wide, how high, how deep. 
What will it be used for?
 Eg. Creating Dessert, Cleaning your Bathtub, for your dog to sleep on, etc.
Does it have a Style or a Category?
Eg. Classic, victorian, Steampunk, hippie, punk, tribal, impressionist, post-modern, feminine, sophisticated, southwestern, Japanese, African

Does it have a scent or a flavor?

Eg. chocolate, cherry, sour apple, fruity, sweet, hot, chipotle, smoky. 

Is it for a special Occasion? 

Eg. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, baby shower, engagement party
I think you get the idea.  There is a tricky balance to use enough targeted, descriptive words and over inundating your potential buyer with too many words.  That's why once you understand the words that fit your products the best, you can use your keyword search tool to ascertain the ones that are going to produce audience for your product. 
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  1. Fantastic information, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for this Robin. I keep meaning to spend more time finding out about SEO but although I know in theory what it is I still don't really know how to apply it to my blog/website. Is it enough to have the words in a blog post for example or do they need to be in the title?


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